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    EdenTrain playing at awesome Los Angeles Venue in 2017.

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    Edentrain was formed nine years ago by Bobby Rizzo songwriter, vocalist and songwriter. Bobby has toured with several national acts as a sideman and written songs for other bands such as The Spin Doctors. The focus of EdenTrain is first and foremost good songwriting and delivery of new rock music that is timeless. Based in Los Angeles California, EdenTrain blends many styles and influences fusing into a new classic rock sound. Founder Bobby Rizzo, originally from Philadelphia, brings an edgy sophistication to the music which is fresh and timeless at the same time. Bobby's solid guitar playing and prolific songwriting makes EdenTrain a rare jewel in the band rich city of Los Angeles. Guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist and songwriter Todd Ramsey Moore from Austin, Texas; delivers leads influenced by Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix among others. Todd has played in many bands in Austin and the San Francisco Bay area. Some of those include: Dr Todd, The Judy Bloom and Jean Caffeine. His songwriting mixes blues, jazz and rock styles with an Austin flavor that is unique and memorable. Vocalist and Bassist, Ron "The Iceman" Friis; comes out of Pasadena, California. He is infuenced by Noel Redding, Tommy Shannon as well as many other great bassists. Ron's love for driving blues and rock makes him a perfect bassist for EdenTrain. Ron has played with Rock and Blues bands as well as Gospel. In his spare time, Ron drives a race car. His roots are solid and so are his grooves. Drummer, vocalist and arranger Gary Saint Germain, is from the East Coast. Gary Cut his teeth listening the drumming of Keith Moon from The Who and Peter Criss of the band Kiss. Gary also listened to the music of Elvis Presley and Neil Young which led him to learn acoustic guitar and sing as well as play drums. Many a Saturday night in Los Angeles Gary plays on stage with local rock stars and in tribute bands. Gary brings his broad musical vocabulary and arranging skills to EdenTrain making the band fluid and solid and the same time.

    EdenTrain performing in Hollywood June 2014
    Todd Moore playing guitar in studio. Black and white photo 2784x1848


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